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Just because you said it, doesn’t mean they got it

Even when you think you do a good job of communicating with employees, you don’t really know what they heard unless you ask. FULL STORY »

Tips to avoid spoiled silage

Silage spoilage represents wasted feed, effort and performance potential. Dr. Limin Kung from the University of Delaware offers advice on how to prevent it. FULL STORY »

Build relational capital

Whether your firm involves multi-generation family members or new, younger employees or partners, the relational trust you build within your business is just as critical as your relationship with clients. Mike McGrann, executive director of the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania, warns you’re either building relational capital – or destroying it. And, when business is involved, that relationship capital has a monetary cost, too. FULL STORY »

Brainstorming is divergent thinking!

If you're looking to expand your practice, one component may mean staff brainstorming. The goal of brainstorming is to generate many different ideas over a short period of time without evaluation, criticism or commentary, according to Yvonne (Bonnie) Wichtner-Zoia, Michigan State University Extension. Strategic Futuring, a vision-centered strategic planning workbook developed by a team of facilitators at Michigan State University Extension, suggest brainstorming is a useful divergent or ‘idea-expansion’ tool. FULL STORY »

An integrated approach to digital dermatits

Digital dermatitis, also known as hairy heel wart, is a big problem on many dairy farms. FULL STORY »

I don't have all the answers, but I will find out who does!

Balancing diets is certainly a part of the role that I have with my clients, but day to day I serve as much, if not more, as an information conduit and facilitator as I do a "nutritionist." FULL STORY »

Formulate for metabolizable protein

An item that appeared in this column two years ago ― Precision feeding helps reduce feed cost ― addressed the need for precision feeding when trying to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus runoff into environmentally sensitive areas, such as the Chesapeake Bay. FULL STORY »

Troubleshooting dairy herds for mycotoxicosis

When troubleshooting herds that may have been exposed to the influence of mycotoxins, the most important thing for the investigator (veterinarian, nutritionist, dairyman, consultant, allied industry individual) to keep in mind is to not jump to conclusions and assume mycotoxins are the entire problem on the dairy FULL STORY »

Seven tips for amino acid balancing

Robert A. Patton, of Nittany Dairy Nutrition Inc., in, Mifflinburg, Pa., offers these tips for amino acid balancing of dairy cow rations. FULL STORY »

An important quality for any nutritionist

What does Michigan dairy producer Ken Nobis appreciate the most about his nutritionist? Common sense. FULL STORY »

Create engagement among farm employees

Engaged nutritionists — those who have a passion for what they do — want to work with farms that have engaged feeding crews. FULL STORY »

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