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Communication heightened when dealing with multi-location clients

It may be necessary to work a little harder on communication when dealing with clients that have more than one farm location. FULL STORY »

Strategizing with clients: There’s an app for that

Dairy nutritionist Naji Nassereddine has found a new tool to use when he wants to strategize with clients, set new goals, or just get them in a “teachable moment.” FULL STORY »

5 last-minute gifts for farm clients

The gift-giving season is an excellent time to treat the farmers in your life to something special, while also showing support for agriculture at the cash register. FULL STORY »

What one producer looks for in a nutritionist

What does Ron Gibson look for in a nutritionist? FULL STORY »

Leave the cell phone in the car!

When nutritionist Gary Sherwood drives onto a farm to meet with a client, he wants to give the client his undivided attention. FULL STORY »

Build a successful veterinarian/nutritionist relationship

Veterinarians and nutritionists tend to have overlapping roles on dairy farms. FULL STORY »

Get accurate readings when checking cows’ mineral status

When dairy cattle health and performance fall below expectations, dairy consultants often begin looking at blood and tissue samples to provide a snapshot of the nutritional status of the herd. FULL STORY »

Sharpen your perceptions of animal-welfare issues

How many of you dock the tails of your cows? Or, provide access to pasture? FULL STORY »

Despite larger farm sizes, it all boils down to 3 basic circles

One simple thought to help dairymen, veterinarians and nutritionists understand dairy farms is to break them down into circles. FULL STORY »

Work with your clients to reduce variation in feed nutrients

The composition of all feeds varies. However, the probability that all feeds in a diet will have a lower- than-expected concentration of a given nutrient on a given day is low. FULL STORY »

Nutritionists, too, should pledge to do no harm

When medical doctors take the Hippocratic oath, they pledge to do no harm. While nutritionists have no such oath, the implied agreement is they will do no economic harm when working with dairy farmers. FULL STORY »

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