Despite larger farm sizes, it all boils down to 3 basic circles

One simple thought to help dairymen, veterinarians and nutritionists understand dairy farms is to break them down into circles. FULL STORY »

Work with your clients to reduce variation in feed nutrients

The composition of all feeds varies. However, the probability that all feeds in a diet will have a lower- than-expected concentration of a given nutrient on a given day is low. FULL STORY »

Nutritionists, too, should pledge to do no harm

When medical doctors take the Hippocratic oath, they pledge to do no harm. While nutritionists have no such oath, the implied agreement is they will do no economic harm when working with dairy farmers. FULL STORY »

Help your clients stem losses from feed shrink

This past December, a central California dairy was billed for seven loads of feed that it never received. FULL STORY »

Father-son team provides a complement to each other

One of the best things that Tim Riordan has done is bring his son, Andy, on board as partner in his nutrition consulting business. FULL STORY »

Clients apprised of peak milk production

Changes in peak milk production can signal problems in a herd. FULL STORY »

Help communicate your clients’ message to consumers

With the advent of the social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, dairy farmers have found new ways to reach out to consumers. FULL STORY »

Cow comfort always an important variable

An emphasis on cow comfort has helped nutritionist Chris Hill do his work with clients. FULL STORY »

Consider this silage-sampling protocol

August 27, 2009 is a day that Doug DeGroff, independent nutritionist from California, will never forget. FULL STORY »

The art of respect

Over the years, our consulting firm has worked with many herds, from large free-stall operations to small family dairies. FULL STORY »

Keep client goals in mind

I used to live in the Northeast where I worked with several different styles of dairy operations: large farms where the owners had a management role and many employees, medium-sized operations where the owners had just a few employees, and smaller dairies where family members did all or most of the work themselves. FULL STORY »

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