Work with agronomists to improve feed quality

We have made great progress over the last decade in our ability to predict forage quality. FULL STORY »

Building rapport with clients

My old, old, really old Webster's dictionary defines rapport as a "close and sympathetic relationship." FULL STORY »

Emphasize 'net milk income over feed costs'

Timely, accurate and detailed records are necessary to analyze a business, according to Jason Karszes, farm management specialist with PRO-DAIRY and Cornell University. Karszes addressed business analysis at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar last March. FULL STORY »

TMR mixer management

Total mixed rations are the feeding method of choice for the majority of dairy operations across the U.S. FULL STORY »

A lesson in statistics and feedstuff variability

As a nutritionist, you use statistics every day. When you take 20 bale cores and mix them together to create the composite sample that you send in for analysis, you are doing this to reduce the variation in the results you get back. FULL STORY »

Be Observant! Be Present!

How simple that sounds, but how complicated it is in reality and practice. FULL STORY »

Respecting our clients

Just being smart, having all of the nutrition and management gadgets, and knowing the latest nutrition recommendations doesn't cut it with most of today's elite dairy producers. FULL STORY »

Communicate with Hispanic employees

Implementing the recommendations of the nutritionist on the farm is one of the most important aspects of a successful nutrition program. FULL STORY »

Plan your work, then work your plan

When I first started doing dairy nutrition work in 1987, I had a district manager who adopted the saying "plan your work, then work your plan." FULL STORY »

Finding myself at a crossroads

On-farm nutritionists vary quite a bit, and many of us are polar opposites in some ways. FULL STORY »

How a focus on cow comfort has helped me

I have always felt that if farmers spent a little more time and money taking care of their cows, the cows would pay them back. FULL STORY »

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