Finding myself at a crossroads

On-farm nutritionists vary quite a bit, and many of us are polar opposites in some ways. FULL STORY »

How a focus on cow comfort has helped me

I have always felt that if farmers spent a little more time and money taking care of their cows, the cows would pay them back. FULL STORY »

'Always under-promise, but over-deliver'

Complexities of the dairy business and the current economic crisis have created new challenges for consultants to focus on the real value our clients are looking for. FULL STORY »

I don't have all the answers, but I will find out who does!

Balancing diets is certainly a part of the role that I have with my clients, but day to day I serve as much, if not more, as an information conduit and facilitator as I do a "nutritionist." FULL STORY »

Build trust with Hispanic workers through communication

What are the hallmarks of a successful relationship? FULL STORY »

Reduce feed cost and help environment at same time

If you have spent any amount of time with dairy producers recently, you know they have a lot on their minds. The price of milk, the cost of feed and survival are the main topics of conversation. FULL STORY »

Help clients find the right feed-cost balance

The rapid drop in milk price caught many dairy producers wondering "what should I do to make ANY take-home income under this price scenario?" FULL STORY »

Ration balancer or dairy farm consultant?

After more than two and one-half decades of working as a consulting dairy nutritionist and seven years as part owner of a large commercial dairy farm, my approach with dairy clientele has evolved considerably. FULL STORY »

Building long-term relationships

Retention of clients is vital to maintaining a successful consulting business. Most all consultants have been in the unpleasant situation of being fired, but successful consultants are able to maintain a core group of loyal clients. FULL STORY »

Get involved with your clients’ crop consultants

Getting a good crop of corn silage is no small feat, considering the synchrony of events involved. FULL STORY »

Maintaining client relationships in good times and bad

Long-term success in any consultant-client relationship not only depends on the competence of the consultant, but the relationship that you build with the entire dairy team. FULL STORY »

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