Editor's note: This Practice Builder is from Merrill May, dairy nutritionist from Amarillo, Texas. He is affiliated with Nutrition Professionals Inc.

It may be necessary to work a little harder on communication when dealing with clients that have more than one farm location. 

Some clients with three, five or six different locations may not know ahead of time which location they will be at when the nutritionist plans a visit. Often times, it’s the herd manager who is there instead, notes Merrill May, dairy nutritionist who works with a number of multi-location clients in Texas and New Mexico.

Forming a good working relationship with the herd manager is important, along with making sure the owner is kept in the loop.

At the beginning of the week, May will let the owner know he is planning a visit in a few days. He has found that some owners like to be notified by text message; some like an e-mail; some want a phone call the night before the visit, while others simply want to be notified after the visit takes place.

May creates a written report at the end of each visit, and either leaves it on site or e-mails it to the owner, depending on what they prefer.

Bottom-line: A nutritionist needs a bit more nimble in his communication with multi-location clients than he is with single-location clients.