Editor's note: This Practice Builder is from Naji Nassereddine, dairy nutritionist from Chandler, Ariz.

Dairy nutritionist Naji Nassereddine has found a new tool to use when he wants to strategize with clients, set new goals, or just get them in a “teachable moment.” 

“When I see customers who wonder where they stand as far as feed cost and production, I pull out my I-Pad and do some benchmarking,” he says.

His I-Pad or cell phone then pulls up the DairyCents Mobile App from Penn State University.

After plugging in the clients’ feed ingredients, prices paid for feed ingredients, Class III milk price (or even the producer’s mailbox price) and some other information, Nassereddine is able to show them how they compare to a national database in terms of income over feed cost.

“Doing so has helped my customers make the necessary adjustments that they felt they needed to meet or beat the base average,” he says.

One way to improve income over feed cost is to produce more milk. If that’s the course they want to take, “we look at bottlenecks that could be limiting production and try to address it accordingly,” he says.