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Expert Answers - Sept. 20, 2013

Housing factors are as important as the ration itself ― maybe even more so ― in explaining why some cows sail through the transition period and others struggle. Is there one factor that seems to stand out? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Aug. 16, 2013

What are some strategies for increasing on-farm profitability? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - July 19, 2013

Given tight forage supplies in many parts of the country, what is the potential of using forage substitutes in low starch/high byproduct diets? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - June 21, 2013

How can milk urea nitrogen be used to improve nitrogen efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of dairy cows? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - May 17, 2013

What are the updated recommendations for vitamins? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - April 19, 2013

What are the important dairy feeding and management considerations during heat stress? FULL STORY »

What is a good checklist for improving reproductive efficiency?

What is a good nutritional checklist for improving reproductive efficiency? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Feb. 15, 2013

How we can prevent early-lactation dairy cows from becoming "loser dairy cows?” FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - January

During late pregnancy, insulin resistance in adipose tissue contributes to increasing plasma non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA) concentrations. And subsequent oxidation of NEFA by the liver is the cause of decreasing dry matter intake as cows approach calving. FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Dec. 21, 2012

How can excessive intakes of sulfur and potassium cause problems in dairy cows? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Nov. 16, 2012

Can productivity be maintained when feeding higher-forage diets versus diets that are closer to a 50:50 forage-to-concentrate ratio? FULL STORY »

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