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Expert Answers - Feb. 20, 2009

My clients are pressuring me to cut feed and supplement costs. What supplements should I resist taking out? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Jan. 16, 2009

If manure is tested for starch content, what guidelines can be used to estimate optimal values and potential losses? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Dec. 19, 2008

What impact does nutrition have on immune function? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Nov. 21, 2008

I have heard some things about a new type of plastic cover on bunker silos and pile silos that reduces nutrient loss and spoilage. What can you tell me about that? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Oct. 17, 2008

Corn prices are coming down again, but the lesson from earlier this year is to be creative and find alternatives to corn when it’s economically feasible. Can we use corn gluten feed and sugar with organic acids to replace some of the corn in the ration? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Sept. 19, 2008

With wind damage, heavy rain, frost potential, and cool weather, what should we be watching for in feed quality? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - Aug. 15, 2008

How much iron are your clients supplying to cows through the drinking water each day? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - July 18, 2008

What should you do with a rained-on crop? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - June 20, 2008

Do dairy cows have a starch requirement? I read in a magazine that you recommended 18 to 26 percent starch? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - May 16, 2008

What should dairy producers do with surface-spoiled corn silage: feed it or pitch it? FULL STORY »

Expert Answers - April 18, 2008

What changes should I make in my feeding program to reduce the negative effect of heat stress on milk yield and composition? FULL STORY »

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