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Monensin helps with heat stress

Over the years, Lance Baumgard has documented the physiological effects of heat stress on a cow. FULL STORY »

Step up calf nutrition in cold weather

Falling temperatures can compromise calf growth and health. FULL STORY »

Identify at-risk fresh cows

A 1,000-cow dairy in western New York is reaping the benefits of a testing procedure for at-risk fresh cows. FULL STORY »

Evaluation of milk urea nitrogen as a management tool

The purpose of this study was to compile and evaluate relationships between feed nitrogen (N) intake, milk urea N (MUN), urinary urea N (UUN) and ammonia (NH3) emissions from dairy farms to aid policy development. FULL STORY »

Short dry period: Some pros and cons

The University of Laval in Canada recently compared the effects of two different dry period lengths on health and reproduction. FULL STORY »

Chopped forage works for calves

New work from the Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology in Barcelona, Spain, recently took a look to see what effect different forage sources would have on the performance and feeding behavior of calves. FULL STORY »

MUN could serve as financial incentive

The correlation between milk urea nitrogen and reduced ammonia emissions from cows is strong enough that the dairy industry may want to consider offering financial incentives for milk shipped with the desired range of MUN values. FULL STORY »

Dietary molasses increases ruminal pH during milk fat depression

Feeding high-concentrate diets has the potential to cause milk fat depression, but several studies have suggested that dietary sugar can increase milk fat yield. FULL STORY »

Effect of intensified feeding of heifer calves

The objective of this study was to determine if increasing the energy and protein intake of heifer calves would affect growth rates, age at puberty, age at calving and first lactation milk yield. FULL STORY »

Economics of intensified feeding

Intensified feeding of calves has gained a lot of interest. In a research experiment at Michigan State University, Holstein heifer calves were randomly assigned to one of two dietary treatments, with an average of 40 head per treatment. FULL STORY »

Molasses can boost milkfat

At a time when many people are leaving money on the table when it comes to butterfat depression, researchers at Kansas State University have come up with a possible new strategy: molasses. FULL STORY »

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