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Lower-starch diets an option to consider

With high corn prices, people are showing interest in lower-starch diets. But can you feed less starch and maintain a high level of performance? FULL STORY »

When do the alarm bells go off?

It's nice to have some specific cut-points for determining a course of action. Researchers at Cornell University have come up with some for predicting metabolic disorders in fresh cows, decreased reproductive performance and lower milk production. FULL STORY »

Distillers grains OK at 15 percent

It's been a matter of debate over the years how much distillers grain can be used in the ration. FULL STORY »

P appears to influence Ca metabolized in the bones

A high-calcium/low-phosphorus diet appears to help cows utilize dietary calcium more efficiently. FULL STORY »

Coconut oil: Reduce methane emissions, maintain milk yield

Increasing emphasis is being placed on reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by dairy cattle. FULL STORY »

Higher plane of nutrition helps calves

Nutrition impacts the outcome of calves infected with Cryptosporidium parvum. FULL STORY »

Heifer competition affects feeding behavior

You know that too much competition impacts how heifers eat. FULL STORY »

Nutrition important in curbing mastitis

We've known for years that certain nutrients, such as vitamin E and selenium, have a profound effect on the immune system — and, therefore, mastitis. FULL STORY »

Hide-n-seek with mycotoxins

There are more than 400 different mycotoxins described in the research literature, but only 20 to 50 of them can be analyzed. FULL STORY »

View milkfat depression as multifaceted

Low milkfat issues continue to be a concern on many dairy farms throughout the U.S. FULL STORY »

SARA update

Subacute ruminal acidosis or SARA is damaging to fiber digestion and a cow's milk production potential. FULL STORY »

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