Coconut oil: Reduce methane emissions, maintain milk yield

Increasing emphasis is being placed on reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by dairy cattle. FULL STORY »

Heifer competition affects feeding behavior

You know that too much competition impacts how heifers eat. FULL STORY »

Essential oils draw interest

Essential oils have proven efficacious in some feeding trials, but more research is needed, say dairy nutritionists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. FULL STORY »

Buffer blocks provide 'safety net'

A buffer block can significantly reduce the severity of short-term subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA), according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. FULL STORY »

Live yeast culture helps in hot weather

In a February 2007 article titled, "Why heat stress steals milk," the editors of Dairy Herd Management told a producer audience, "Consider adding yeast culture to the diet (under heat-stress conditions). FULL STORY »

Throw out the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio

Virginia Tech researchers have found that dietary phosphorus requirements are independent of calcium requirements. In other words, as long as the diet meets the individual requirements for each mineral, you don't have to worry about matching up phosphorus and calcium in a particular ratio. FULL STORY »

In this case, yeast culture didn't work

In last month's Nutritionist e-Network, we summarized a research experiment from Israel that showed the effectiveness of live yeast supplementation in warm weather. FULL STORY »

New THI threshold is 68

Significant increases in milk-per-cow over the past several decades may force us to modify the temperature-humidity index. FULL STORY »

Fish oil reduces methane emissions

Amid concerns that cows may be contributing to global warming through methane emissions, Irish researchers have found that including fish oil in the diet may cut those emissions by a significant amount. FULL STORY »

New tool for your clients

Many dairy producers want to cut back on feed cost these days. FULL STORY »

Low-starch diets for high-producing cows

What happens to the milk production of high-producing cows when you feed low-starch diets? FULL STORY »

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