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View milkfat depression as multifaceted

Low milkfat issues continue to be a concern on many dairy farms throughout the U.S. FULL STORY »

Hide-n-seek with mycotoxins

There are more than 400 different mycotoxins described in the research literature, but only 20 to 50 of them can be analyzed. FULL STORY »

Nutrition important in curbing mastitis

We've known for years that certain nutrients, such as vitamin E and selenium, have a profound effect on the immune system — and, therefore, mastitis. FULL STORY »

Chopped forage works for calves

New work from the Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology in Barcelona, Spain, recently took a look to see what effect different forage sources would have on the performance and feeding behavior of calves. FULL STORY »

Effects of temporal feed restriction in dairy cattle

Dairy cows are often overstocked. Some managers are now using “slick bunk” (i.e., feeding for 0 percent orts) management to save on feed costs, but this reduces the time that cows have access to feed. Both practices may increase competition and affect feeding behavior in dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Evaluation of milk urea nitrogen as a management tool

The purpose of this study was to compile and evaluate relationships between feed nitrogen (N) intake, milk urea N (MUN), urinary urea N (UUN) and ammonia (NH3) emissions from dairy farms to aid policy development. FULL STORY »

Effect of intensified feeding of heifer calves

The objective of this study was to determine if increasing the energy and protein intake of heifer calves would affect growth rates, age at puberty, age at calving and first lactation milk yield. FULL STORY »

Dietary molasses increases ruminal pH during milk fat depression

Feeding high-concentrate diets has the potential to cause milk fat depression, but several studies have suggested that dietary sugar can increase milk fat yield. FULL STORY »

Effect of biotin on milk performance of dairy cattle

A meta-analysis of the effect of biotin on production outcomes of dairy cattle was conducted following a literature review. FULL STORY »

Metabolic implications for transition cow immunity

Infectious disease detracts from farm profitability through decreased production efficiency and increased morbidity and mortality. FULL STORY »

Feeding different sources of rumen-protected methionine

Effect of feeding different sources of rumen-protected methionine on milk production and N-utilization in lactating dairy cows FULL STORY »

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