Effect of linoleic acid and dietary vitamin E supplementation

Conjugated linoleic acid, a bioactive fatty acid (FA) found in milk and dairy products, has potential human health benefits due to its anticarcinogenic and antiatherogenic properties. FULL STORY »

Oral calcium bolus supplementation on early-lactation health

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of supplementation with oral Ca boluses after calving on early-lactation health and milk yield. FULL STORY »

Cow and herd variation in milk urea nitrogen concentrations

Milk urea nitrogen (MUN) is correlated with N balance, N intake, and dietary N content, and thus is a good indicator of proper feeding management with respect to protein. FULL STORY »

Extra trace minerals may pay big dividends for early-lactation co

Hypocalcemia, immunosuppresson, negative energy balance ― they’re all part of the early-lactation experience. But what about trace mineral deficiency? Do early-lactation cows experience this problem, as well? FULL STORY »

A potential cost-savings

When profit margins get tight, it’s not uncommon for dairy operations to look for opportunities to cut costs. FULL STORY »

Yeast-derived protein as a substitute for soybean meal

Everyone knows about the high cost of soybean meal. FULL STORY »

What causes heifer weights to be so variable?

Canadian researchers took a look at just how variable heifer growth rates are between farms. FULL STORY »

The power of meta-analysis

In the January 1998 issue of Dairy Herd Management, an initial effort was made to show the positive benefit of yeast culture on milk production. FULL STORY »

Soybean meal substitution with a yeast-derived microbial protein

The objective of this study was to examine the effects substituting soybean meal with a yeast-derived microbial protein on rumen and blood metabolites, dry matter intake and milk production of high-producing dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Meta-analysis of the effects of feeding yeast culture

The purpose of this study was to use meta-analytic methods to estimate the effect of a commercially available yeast culture product on milk production and other production measures in lactating dairy cows using a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. FULL STORY »

Hot topic: Organic matter digestibility and how to measure it

New lab techniques are making it easier (and more accurate) to predict ration quality and dairy cow performance. FULL STORY »

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