Yeast-derived protein as a substitute for soybean meal

Everyone knows about the high cost of soybean meal. FULL STORY »

What causes heifer weights to be so variable?

Canadian researchers took a look at just how variable heifer growth rates are between farms. FULL STORY »

The power of meta-analysis

In the January 1998 issue of Dairy Herd Management, an initial effort was made to show the positive benefit of yeast culture on milk production. FULL STORY »

Soybean meal substitution with a yeast-derived microbial protein

The objective of this study was to examine the effects substituting soybean meal with a yeast-derived microbial protein on rumen and blood metabolites, dry matter intake and milk production of high-producing dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Meta-analysis of the effects of feeding yeast culture

The purpose of this study was to use meta-analytic methods to estimate the effect of a commercially available yeast culture product on milk production and other production measures in lactating dairy cows using a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. FULL STORY »

Hot topic: Organic matter digestibility and how to measure it

New lab techniques are making it easier (and more accurate) to predict ration quality and dairy cow performance. FULL STORY »

Pasteurized waste milk and gut bacteria

While research has documented conclusively that pasteurizing waste milk significantly reduces bacterial levels in the liquid calf feed source, USDA researchers have taken an interesting look at how the feeding practice affects long-term gut flora in the animals. FULL STORY »

Nutrient digestibilities measured

Measuring individual feed nutrient concentration is common practice for field dairy nutritionists. However, accurately measuring nutrient digestibility and using digestion values in total digestible nutrients models is more challenging. FULL STORY »

Researchers compare corn silage harvest practices

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison examined 24 peer-reviewed journal articles published over an 11-year period to determine the effects of different corn silage harvest practices on dry matter intake and lactation performance of dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Are distillers grains responsible for milkfat depression?

Is milkfat depression the result of too much corn distillers grains in the diet, the cows’ reaction to a knee-jerk dietary change, or something else? FULL STORY »

Amino acid balancing a growing priority

More and more dairy producers and nutritionists are balancing their rations for amino acids, according to a series of studies conducted in 2008, 2010 and 2012. FULL STORY »

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