A number of studies have been conducted on organic trace minerals in dairy cow rations. These studies have been conducted under a variety of nutritional, managerial and environmental conditions.

A study appearing in the September edition of the Journal of Dairy Science used meta-analysis — a statistical review technique — to evaluate the effectiveness of supplementing organic trace minerals from the Zinpro Corp. on milk production, milk components and reproductive performance in lactating dairy cows. Twenty research papers and reports were included in the final evaluation to help determine consistency of responses, as well as sources of variation in responses.

"Evaluating product research using meta-analysis provides greater statistical power in quantifying the overall production response when compared to results from individual experimental studies by substantially increasing the sample population size," says Mike Socha, dairy research team leader at Zinpro. "This new meta-analysis research provides further proof of the improved production and reproduction responses that producers and their nutritionists can expect when supplementing lactating dairy cow diets with these research-proven organic trace minerals."