What’s New in the Lab: Barcoding

Barcoding technology has been around for years, and here at Rock River Lab we are working on making this a routine process for clients sending in sample information. FULL STORY »

Indigestible NDF

Indigestible NDF (iNDF) is rapidly replacing lignin as the analysis of choice to measure the indigestible fiber in feedstuffs. FULL STORY »

Optimize rations through better digestibility estimates

Interest in protein quality has been building as nutritionists and consultants recognize protein damage caused by poor fermentation (excessive heat) and drying processes (also related to heat). FULL STORY »

Find a forage lab and stick with it

Forage testing equipment, methods and calibrations can vary from lab to lab. That means results can vary, too. FULL STORY »

The DHI-245: Making easy work of MUN analysis

The DHI-245 MUN Profile breaks results down by days in milk and lactation number, zeroing in on the number of cows in each category with MUN levels from 1-7, 8- 12, 13-15, and 16+. FULL STORY »

What’s new in the lab: carbs, carbs, carbs

At Rock River Laboratory Inc., our recent focus has centered on feed carbohydrates. FULL STORY »

Expect variety of mycotoxin issues in corn-based feed ingredients

Due to extreme drought and increased temperatures, the 2012 corn crop created a perfect environment for Aspergillis mold to flourish and to further produce aflatoxins. FULL STORY »

It is really important to track variation in corn silage quality

The lack of starch in corn silage throughout the Midwest this year may provide a significant obstacle to producers trying to keep purchased costs to a minimum. FULL STORY »

A DHIA tool for a nutritionist’s toolbox: reports on-demand

Have you ever wished you could access a specific DHIA report for a client, but the herd is not signed up for the report? FULL STORY »

Alfatoxin definitely on the radar screen

When multiple farms had to dump milk over the last week due to aflatoxin contamination, the impact of this year’s drought reached a new level. FULL STORY »

Drought has made it important to test for nitrates

Nitrate analysis is nothing new at Rock River Laboratory, Inc. However, the 2012 corn silage harvest season has brought these analysis results to the forefront, since greater than 60 percent of the U.S. has been affected by drought. FULL STORY »

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