Alfatoxin definitely on the radar screen

When multiple farms had to dump milk over the last week due to aflatoxin contamination, the impact of this year’s drought reached a new level. FULL STORY »

Drought has made it important to test for nitrates

Nitrate analysis is nothing new at Rock River Laboratory, Inc. However, the 2012 corn silage harvest season has brought these analysis results to the forefront, since greater than 60 percent of the U.S. has been affected by drought. FULL STORY »

Get a better handle on genomics

Genomics seems to be taking our industry by storm and we are all on the fast track. Peruse any dairy publication and you are bound to see a variety of genomics-related articles.

Producers are testing heifers at an ever-increasing rate. University and industry researchers are touting the benefits of using genomics as an evaluation tool. Now the question is: What to do with all of this genomic data? FULL STORY »

A more precise look at fatty acids in feedstuffs

In previous articles for the Nutritionist e-Network newsletter, we discussed the differences in fat analysis by Ether Extract (EE) and Total Fatty Acids by Gas Chromatography (GC). FULL STORY »

Track animals by cohort groups

Are you interested in evaluating performance after surviving a record heat wave, including a new feed additive or opening a new silo? FULL STORY »

A more comprehensive view of feed quality

A few laboratories are beginning to offer the "UW Grain Evaluation System," developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin. FULL STORY »

Results from recent mycotoxin-testing

Last year's cool, rainy weather made a lot of corn susceptible to molds and toxins. That is why Dairyland Laboratories has extended its special pricing for mycotoxin-testing. FULL STORY »

Feed analysis resources

Feed analysis reports often combine analytical values with calculated values. FULL STORY »

Total Starch Digestibility Suite

California, has announced a new package that will allow nutritionists to monitor starch digestibility in their client herds. FULL STORY »

New breakthroughs in forage evaluations

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services has recently added the unique ability to provide several key nutrient evaluations of forages by near-infared spectroscopy. FULL STORY »

High-res photos of submitted samples

When reviewing a laboratory analysis have you ever struggled to match up what is on paper with what you remember the sample to look like? FULL STORY »

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