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A more precise look at fatty acids in feedstuffs

In previous articles for the Nutritionist e-Network newsletter, we discussed the differences in fat analysis by Ether Extract (EE) and Total Fatty Acids by Gas Chromatography (GC). FULL STORY »

Track animals by cohort groups

Are you interested in evaluating performance after surviving a record heat wave, including a new feed additive or opening a new silo? FULL STORY »

A more comprehensive view of feed quality

A few laboratories are beginning to offer the "UW Grain Evaluation System," developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin. FULL STORY »

Results from recent mycotoxin-testing

Last year's cool, rainy weather made a lot of corn susceptible to molds and toxins. That is why Dairyland Laboratories has extended its special pricing for mycotoxin-testing. FULL STORY »

Feed analysis resources

Feed analysis reports often combine analytical values with calculated values. FULL STORY »

Total Starch Digestibility Suite

California, has announced a new package that will allow nutritionists to monitor starch digestibility in their client herds. FULL STORY »

New breakthroughs in forage evaluations

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services has recently added the unique ability to provide several key nutrient evaluations of forages by near-infared spectroscopy. FULL STORY »

High-res photos of submitted samples

When reviewing a laboratory analysis have you ever struggled to match up what is on paper with what you remember the sample to look like? FULL STORY »

Starch digestibility seminars offered

Starch digestibility of common feedstuffs can have a significant impact on performance of lactating dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Forage analysis reports at your fingertips

You can get your feed analyses quicker than ever with the Rock River Laboratory mobile Web site. FULL STORY »

Predict how diets will perform

Measuring the digestibility of feedstuffs is vitally important for fine-tuning rations as well as trouble-shooting diets that are not performing. FULL STORY »

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