Predict how diets will perform

Measuring the digestibility of feedstuffs is vitally important for fine-tuning rations as well as trouble-shooting diets that are not performing. FULL STORY »

New starch test will soon be available at Dairyland Labs

In the case study that ran in this newsletter last month, a New Mexico nutritionist described how he used a new diagnostic tool known as Calibrate to help solve a case of butterfat depression. FULL STORY »

Digging into the data: Ammonia in corn silage

It may not appear to be exotic or at the cutting edge of research, but the amount of ammonia in corn silage is a key nutritional driver in some ration programs and nutritional models such as the Cornell (CNCPS) Model. FULL STORY »

Nutritionists are 'our ears to the industry'

The year 2010 was marked by favorable weather and higher yields in corn silage crops across the United States. FULL STORY »

Transitional intakes and refusals

If you had one or two bunks to push out daily, which would they be? FULL STORY »

An accurate method of tracking fresh cow milk production

The Milk by Week feature will be available shortly in our newest version of PCDART. FULL STORY »

Starch degradability of the 2010 corn crop

It's no secret that the starch degradability of ensiled grains changes over time. FULL STORY »

Calibrate rapid NIR starch testing now available

In the Nov. 19 edition of this newsletter, we told you that a new starch test would soon be available at Dairyland Laboratories. FULL STORY »

Mold and yeast problems in your feeds?

Many factors contribute to the growth of molds and yeast in feed. FULL STORY »

CVAS offers new fermentation diagnostic panel

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (CVAS) has recently started offering an expanded fermentation analysis panel. FULL STORY »

Into the ether ... extract

Whether the expression "into the ether" refers to vanishing into outer space or the mysterious area just beyond the computer screen, it's an ambiguous phrase that leaves many people confused as to just what the heck the "ether" really is. FULL STORY »

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