Editor's note: The following information was provided by Erinn Oliphant, manager of outreach services for Dairy Records Management Systems in Raleigh, N.C.

The Milk by Week feature will be available shortly in our newest version of PCDART. Log on to your account at www.drms.org and download version 7.14.0.B.

The new Milk by Week feature in PCDART Reports provides an accurate method of tracking fresh cow milk production. You will be able to estimate milk for a given week so that the days in milk (DIM) Range and Average DIM are consistent.
Here is how it works:

  • Fourteen new database items (DBIs) in PCDART track average milk in weeks 1 through 14 (DBIs 641-654).
  • Weekly milk is an estimate of each cow's average production during the week in question.
  • Weekly milk estimates are not projections. They are determined from test day weights in the current lactation, but do not project past the most recent test day.
  • Weekly averages before first test day are estimated using lactation curves for that cow.
  • Weekly averages between test days are determined using linear estimates.
  • Weekly milk for herds that have daily weights is an average of the daily production for 7 days.

Narrowing the milk estimated to a given week removes the wide swings in average DIM on first test that can occur when using First Test Day Milk and Milk from 0-40 DIM metrics. Milk by Week gives you a focused and accurate picture of fresh cow milk production and performance.