Editor's note: The following information was provided by Dairyland Laboratories in Arcadia, WIs.

In the Nov. 19 edition of this newsletter, we told you that a new starch test would soon be available at Dairyland Laboratories. That has since transpired and the Calibrate rapid NIR starch test is now up and running.

All Dairyland laboratories, including the Arcadia and Stratford, Wis. and St. Cloud, Minn., locations, are equipped to conduct the rapid NIR test for rumen starch digestibility.

The Calibrate laboratory analysis and online calculator provides an assessment of NIR starch levels — an indicator of rumen starch digestibility — to more precisely calculate ration needs. Testing allows nutritionists and producers the ability to make more accurate starch adjustments when balancing the feed ration to more efficiently use grain and forages.

Dairyland Laboratories Inc. and Sure-Tech Laboratories are the first certified testing laboratories in the United States to offer Calibrate technology.

"As an independent, commercial testing laboratory, our infrastructure allows for timely testing and reporting of test results for producers and nutritionists enrolled in the Calibrate program," says Dave Taysom, director of Dairyland Laboratories Inc.

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