You can get your feed analyses quicker than ever with the Rock River Laboratory mobile Web site.

Customers can access the mobile Web site on their Blackberry or SmartPhone and instantly pull and view completed analysis reports.

"This allows nutritionists to get their analysis results even quicker than before," says Zachery Meyer, senior client operations and new business manager at Rock River Laboratory.

Previously, he says, the labs would provide sample results via e-mail, but the nutritionists would need to get to a computer to generate the pdf file and view it. What the mobile Web site does is simplify the process and allow nutritionists to get sample results and use them as quickly as possible. For example, while out at a farm, a nutritionist may find that the protein levels in the feed analysis are lower than he thought they were. With the mobile results, he can go into the ration-balancing software and change numbers in real-time rather than waiting.

"This is a service we are providing for our customers to make their lives easier," Meyer says.

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