When reviewing a laboratory analysis have you ever struggled to match up what is on paper with what you remember the sample to look like? Perhaps you are working with a forage analysis and did not pull the sample yourself and wish you could have seen the material that was sampled.

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, a forage-testing laboratory based in Hagerstown, Md., has addressed this need by providing internet access to digital pictures of all samples and associated paperwork on materials sent to their laboratory. By logging into www.foragelab.com with a user name and password, not only are sample results available online, but high-resolution pictures of the samples themselves. Pictures can be magnified online or downloaded.

Paperwork associated with the sample is available as well for viewing. If there is any question as to the information provided with the submitted sample, or the analysis requested, it can be viewed.

This feature is provided to all clients at no additional cost. For more information, go to www.foragelab.com or e-mail at info@foragelab.com.