Editor's note: The following information was provided by Rock River Laboratory in Watertown, Wis.

Many factors contribute to the growth of molds and yeast in feed. A wet and cool harvest or storing at moisture levels above the recommended guidelines can increase the occurrence and levels of mold and yeast. Certain molds can cause disease and produce mycotoxins. While not all molds are harmful to cattle, their presence can contribute to production and health problems in your herd. Further complicating the issue, high yeast presence can be a factor in aerobic instability in feeds, which can reduce dry matter intake, production and growth.

To help identify whether the molds or yeasts present in your feed, feedstuff or grain can lead to these issues, Rock River Laboratory is pleased to introduce a new analysis package that identifies Yeast and Mold Count PLUS Mold Species Identification.

|Previously, we offered Yeast and Mold Count and Mold Identification as separate packages, but in an effort to give you more analysis for your dollar, we've combined the two. This new and improved test costs $30. (Mold and Yeast Count will still be available separately for $17.)

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