In the case study that ran in this newsletter last month, a New Mexico nutritionist described how he used a new diagnostic tool known as Calibrate to help solve a case of butterfat depression.

Calibrate measures the ruminal starch digestibility of ingredients on a proprietary index.

But, it is not just another starch test, says Kevin Leahy, manager of forage technical services at Calibrate technologies. It does more than just measure total tract starch digestion, he adds. Calibrate technologies measures ruminal starch digestibility to help with more efficient feed usage and more consistent milk and component production.

Dairyland Laboratories
in Arcadia, Wis., will soon be offering this service.

"We look forward to offering this well-researched, new starch test," says Dave Taysom, director of Dairyland Laboratories. "As an independent, commercial testing laboratory, our infrastructure will allow for a timely analysis and reporting of test results for producers and nutritionists using Calibrate technologies."