Editor's note: The following information was provided by Erinn Oliphant, manager of outreach services for Dairy Records Management Systems in Raleigh, N.C.

While metabolic disease is nothing new to producers or their consultants, there are few tools designed to examine the intricacies of this frustrating and complex management challenge. Dairy Records Management Systems now has a way to take a closer look at metabolic disease with Activity Tracker.

Designed by well-known dairy nutritionist Greg Bethard, this software is available to producers and consultants who have the latest version of PCDART.
Activity Tracker allows users to look at the incidence of metabolic disease for cows or heifers on either a monthly or days in milk basis. Activity Tracker can help with the assessment of milk fever, ketosis or LDAs and any other disease of importance, such as digestive or retained placenta.
Examples of questions that can be answered with Activity Tracker include:

  • What percent of fresh cows had DAs, RPs, and ketosis from May 22 to Aug. 23?
  • Are fresh cow DAs occurring immediately after calving, or are they occurring 15-30 DIM?
  • Do cows that have metabolic disorders have lower peak milk than cows without any reported metabolic disorder? (Use Activity Tracker in conjunction with PCDART reports).

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