The transition period continues to receive attention from industry and university alike because of its importance. A cow with a smooth transition period is generally more likely to go on and achieve her full potential than one that struggles with mastitis or stress.

Dairy Records Management Systems has released the Transition Cow Management Report (DHI-403) to provide a snapshot of a herd’s transition period, thereby allowing consultants and producers to get a quick overview of what is going well and what aspects could use improvement. The Transition Cow Management Report looks at seven aspects of the transition period:

  • Length of Dry Period
  • Fresh Cow Milk Production
  • First Test Fat to Protein Ratio
  • Udder Health
  • Reproduction
  • Survival
  • Distress

Cows are segmented within the report by calving period to allow for a more equal standard of comparison. Goals can be set by looking at the purple line on each measure; each line marks the performance of similar sized herds that are in the top 10 percent. If the bar for the herd being analyzed reaches the purple line, that herd is doing well in that measure. In contrast, if the bar does not reach the purple line there is a segment of the transition period where changes to benefit production and health can be made.

The pace at which the world operates is making snapshot reports increasingly valuable. The Transition Cow Management Report is the ideal tool for taking large amounts of data and getting a graphical overview so that opportunities for improvement can be easily seen. Contact DRMS for more information about the Transition Cow Management Report at (919) 661-3100 or (515) 294-2526 or visit

View the report.