Does this scenario sound familiar? You are driving away from a dairy and have a sneaking suspicion that things aren’t quite right. After walking the herd, you were wondering if protein deficiency may be to blame due to recent cost-saving measures. On their next DHIA test day, you asked your customer to have milk urea nitrogen (MUN) testing done in addition to fat, protein and SCC. The results come back and your suspicions are confirmed. But how do you show your customer how the results break down in a simple, easy-to-analyze way?

The DHI-245 MUN Profile provides a solution, with a simple layout that is easy to interpret. The MUN Profile breaks results down by days in milk and lactation number, zeroing in on the number of cows in each category with MUN levels from 1-7, 8- 12, 13-15, and 16+. Recent updates to the report show MUN averages for each group (days in milk x lactation number) as both a rolling weighted average and a six month average. Another new feature shows the percentage of cows with a fat to protein ratio less than one (FPR<1).

This report is available to all DRMS customers and an extra copy can be created for consultants. There is also the opportunity to run the report using Reports on Demand as long as the customer has run MUN samples. As a reminder, the first five Reports on Demand are free to all DRMS consultants each month, after which point a small fee is charged. Contact DRMS with questions or support requests (919) 661-3120 or (515) 294-2526;,