Are you interested in evaluating performance after surviving a record heat wave, including a new feed additive or opening a new silo? If you are looking for tools that allow you to drill down and analyze the performance of cohort groups, Dairy Records Management Systems offers several options within its PCDART software.

You may be wondering: What is a cohort? A cohort is a group of animals with something in common, and the most common cohort in dairy analysis is a Calving Cohort. By using a Calving Cohort, animals that calved in particular windows can be tracked to access milk production, culling, and reproductive performance.

If you prefer traditional reports and graphical analysis, a customized report can be created within PCDART’s User Reports. Within minutes a report can be created that shows milk production for first lactation cows sub-grouped by calving month. The Crosstabs option displays a bar graph allowing for a quick snapshot of cohort groups. Your definition of "cohorts" is limited only by your imagination.

A second option is to use PCDART’s Tracker series to pull data of interest. Activity Tracker can provide insights by cohort group for concerns such as cull rates, metabolic disease incidence and fresh events. Conception Tracker focuses on the reproductive success of the cohort. Finally, the newest addition to the group, Maternity Tracker, shows maternity data by cohort including calving ease, DOAs and heifers born alive. Each Tracker employs specific filters and categories to enable you to focus on animals of interest or discover challenges.

Customization is the key to gaining insight.

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