The following information was provided by Rock River Laboratory in Watertown, Wis.

Barcoding technology has been around for years, and here at Rock River Lab we are working on making this a routine process for clients sending in sample information.

How does it work? We send customers barcode labels, the labels are applied to each sample, and then the barcode is scanned into our online website. All of this can be done using a smartphone, tablet, or even a desktop computer. Once the barcode is entered into the online website, customers can input all information they would normally write on the paper forms. This is a quick and easy alternative to filling out all those forms associated with sending samples.

This new technology offers many advantages compared to using the paper forms. For starters, using the barcodes is extremely quick. By implementing drop-down menus for farms and sample description, typing is virtually eliminated. In addition, these drop-down menus also allow us to calculate sample averages based upon the sample description and farm. For example, we can calculate the average value of a bunker, bag, silo, or pile by using the sample description provided. Barcode sample submission streamlines the process here at the lab, meaning that we are able to get the sample results back to you quicker than normal. These are just a few of the advantages to using the online sample submission technology.

Want to see for yourself? Just give us a call at the lab and we can provide you with all the details.