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Quality Silage


Silage safety begins in the field

Pre-harvest precautions help minimize risk of silage gas.Dr. Renato Schmidt recommends producers practice timely and adequate nitrogen fertilization as well as manure application, taking care to include the manure/ slurry contribution in nitrogen calculations.


Covering silage is more than worth the time and money

Dairy producers have been putting haylage into bunkers, bags and piles for nearly two months, and ensiling corn is but a couple of months away in North Dakota. This is a reminder that despite the work, covering silage is cost-effective.

Quality Silage

Ask the Silage Doctor: Corn stover silage

Q. We are planning to ensile corn stover at 50% dry matter (DM) with molasses, rolled corn and an inoculant. Would the resulting silage be of high enough quality for dairy cattle?

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