The decision to switch to robotic milking is one that must marry your goals for your cows, your family and personal life, and the long-term financial success and viability of your operation – into one sustainable package. This webinar is designed to enhance the long-term vision you have for your dairy operation and reveal what aspects to consider to successfully milk with robots.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Advantages and new research on automated milking systems.
  • Feeding programs that work well with robots.
  • Cow traffic methods and the pros and cons of each, including the preferred “Milk-first, feed-second” method.
  • Facility design and factors to consider such as:
    • Barn equipment
    • Animal movement
    • Manure management
    • Freestall configuration
    • Ventilation
  • A success story, hear from one dairyman that recently implemented robotic milking on his operation.