Dairy Export Opportunities Series: Vietnam

This installment of our video series highlights a country that has been increasing dairy consumption 20% per year, with more growth projected. 

Even as global dairy markets struggle to recover, opportunities exist. This series from USDEC international representatives identifies some of those opportunities for U.S. dairy exporters. 


In this installment, USDEC's Phuong Dang, based in Ho Chi Minh City (commonly referred to as Saigon), discusses the Vietnamese market.


VIDEO: In Europe, the farmer protests just keep coming

It times of low milk prices, it seems the only things that are guaranteed include more milk production to make up for low prices, and protests involving tractors in Europe. This latest video comes from Italy on Monday, November 9, where 2,000 farmers reportedly protested outside Lactalis headquarters, Lactalis in Ospedaletto Lodigiano, which is close to Milan.


Chefs predict top menu restaurant trends for 2016

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) annually explores the top menu trends for the coming year. For this year’s What’s Hot culinary forecast, the NRA surveyed nearly 1,600 professional chefs – members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) – to find which foods, beverages and culinary themes will be hot on restaurant menus in 2016.


The 7 habits of highly successful milking routines

UW Milk Quality created a video series focusing on how to effectively milk cows to produce high quality milk. Dr. Pamela Ruegg from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discussed the science behind effective milking routine in seven practical habits. Each habit has its own episode. This last video features the complete milking routine, unabridged. From start to finish, you can see the entire milking process featuring UW Milk Quality tips and recommendations.


Video of new calf facility

Rob Costello with Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition recently visited True Farms, Perry, N.Y., to inspect and videotape their new group-housing calf barn with autofeeders. Watch a 6-minute video of this innovative new facility at work.


New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's create beer/ice cream combo to fight climate change

If there's one thing that socially responsible businesses have learned, it's that they can't go at it alone. Whether it's implementing responsible sourcing initiatives or creating a positive corporate model to make an impact on sustainability, there is strength in numbers. So where did Ben & Jerry's turn for help and inspiration for its latest ice cream flavor? Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing. Never has the phrase "polishing off a pint" been so perfectly poised in any partnership for a delicious double-entendre.


Guarding against foot-and-mouth disease – a partnership of dairy farmers, UC Davis and CDFA

California’s dairy farmers have joined together with the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory at UC Davis–a joint venture with CDFA–to fund research through the California Dairy Research Foundation that has brought a much more rapid detection system for foot-and-mouth disease. The Foundation is funded largely by the California Milk Advisory Board, a marketing agreement overseen by CDFA and supported by assessments of the dairy industry.


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