Weather report: Winter storm denting drought on the Plains

In the West , cool weather covers the region in the wake of a departing storm. On the Plains, a major winter storm is denting drought but causing travel disruptions and an increase in livestock stress. In the Corn Belt , cold, dry weather prevails in advance of an approaching storm. In the South , an ice storm is affecting the Ozark Plateau , including southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Moisture returns to the Plains

In the West, widespread precipitation is occurring across the southern half of the region. On the Plains, precipitation is falling across the southern half of the region, benefiting rangeland, pastures, and winter wheat. In the Corn Belt, bitterly cold conditions are maintaining stress on livestock in the upper Midwest, where this morning’s temperatures locally fell below -20°F. In the South, rain showers are breaking out in areas west of the Delta. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Bitterly cold across the upper Midwest

In the West, cold weather accompanies increasingly stormy conditions. On the Plains, bitterly cold conditions are confined to northeastern Montana and the Dakotas, where snow showers and windy conditions are increasing livestock stress. In the Corn Belt, windy, bitterly cold weather is returning to the upper Midwest, increasing livestock stress. In the South, rain showers associated with a fast-moving cold front are sweeping into the southern Atlantic States. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Cold and breezy in the Corn Belt

In the West, warm weather continues to expand across the Pacific Coast States, while cold conditions cover the southern Rockies. On the Plains, mostly dry weather accompanies below-normal temperatures. In the Corn Belt, cold, breezy weather prevails in the wake of a cold front’s passage. In the South, showers linger across Florida’s peninsula, where widespread, 1- to 2-inch rainfall totals have provided drought relief and eased irrigation demands. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Dry across the Plains

In the West, a few showers are moving into western Washington. On the Plains, scattered snow showers and breezy conditions are affecting Montana and the Dakotas. In the Corn Belt, a disturbance crossing the Great Lakes region is producing some light snow. In the South, Florida’s peninsula is receiving much-needed rainfall, triggered by a slow-moving cold front. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Mild, dry and breezy across the central Plains

In the West, mostly dry weather prevails. On the Plains, some snow is falling in the vicinity of a warm front in North Dakota. In the Corn Belt, some precipitation (rain and wet snow) is moving into the Ohio Valley. In the South, a wet weather pattern persists. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Mostly dry in the Corn Belt

In the West, snow showers are ending across the southern Rockies. On the Plains, locally heavy snow is blanketing western Oklahoma, northeastern New Mexico, and Texas’ northern panhandle. In the Corn Belt, mostly dry weather accompanies near- to above-normal temperatures. In the South, a broken band of rain showers stretches across the region, excluding Florida’s peninsula. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Winter storm stretches across the northern Plains

In the West, a freeze warning is in effect this morning in California’s San Joaquin Valley, but temperatures are generally not low enough to pose a significant threat to citrus or other temperature-sensitive crops. On the Plains, a winter storm is winding down across the eastern Dakotas and has already ended farther southwest, including across Nebraska. In the Corn Belt, blizzard conditions are gradually subsiding across the eastern Dakotas and western Minnesota, while a winter storm is winding down across the remainder of the upper Midwest. In the South, a band of rain stretches across the Deep South from central and eastern Texas to Georgia and the Carolinas. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Rain returns to the Plains

In the West, showers continue to spread inland along the Pacific Coast as far south as northwestern California. On the Plains, much-needed rain is falling across central portions of the region, including central and eastern Kansas. In the Corn Belt, lingering cold weather across the northern tier of the region contrasts with unusually warm conditions in the Ohio and middle Mississippi Valleys. In the South, warm weather prevails, except for a lingering chill east of the Appalachians. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Mild and dry on the central, southern Plains

On the Plains, cold weather is limited to northern and eastern North Dakota. Elsewhere, mild, dry weather continues to leave most of the hard red winter wheat crop exposed to potential weather extremes. FULL STORY »

Weather report: Generally dry across most of the Midwest

In the West, precipitation is spreading inland across the Pacific Northwest. On the Plains, bitterly cold conditions are limited to the eastern Dakotas. In the Corn Belt, snow showers are falling in the Great Lakes region, where cold conditions persist. In the South, scattered rain showers are spreading across the lower Southeast. FULL STORY »

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