The 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Calf Management Program

As we move into 2019, here are 10 calf and heifer articles to help ensure a successful year!
( Farm Journal )

We’ve learned a lot about calf management throughout the past year. As we move into 2019, here are 10 calf and heifer articles to help ensure a successful year!


10.) Stay Ahead of Coccidiosis

Dairy Calves

Winter months are usually when calves are under the most stress and when diseases, like coccidiosis, can take advantage of depressed calf immune systems.


9.) Feeding Waste Milk to Calves: Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance


Regardless of the financial advantages of feeding waste milk to calves, an important question is whether this practice can affect calves’ health.


8.) Tips for Feeding Water in the Winter

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Feeding free-choice water to preweaned calves has been proven to improve rate of gain from birth to weaning by 33%, compared to calves receiving no water.


7.) Cost-Effective Group Housing for Dairy Calves

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Having room for calves to stretch their legs and play with items like a tether ball has helped Cow Comfort Inn Dairy’s calves with health and socialization.


6.) Dehorning Claves is Never Pain-Free


Any way you do it, disbudding will cause pain—and there is some evidence that sensitivity at the horn location can remain long after the procedure is done and even after healing occurs.


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