5 'Must Have Apps' for the Farm

( Pixabay )

How many apps do you currently have on your smartphone? The answer: Probably more than you think. According to a recent study conducted by Statista, the average person has 80 apps downloaded on their mobile device and uses approximately 20 of them each month.  To date, there are more than 1.83 million apps available on the Apple App Store and over 2 million apps up for grabs on Google Play. In 2018 alone, more than 5 million apps were downloaded each day, resulting in 193 billion apps downloaded throughout the year.

When it comes down to finding apps that will actually be useful on the farm, however, those numbers drop drastically. Here are five must have apps used and recommended by dairy farmers themselves:

Homebase HomeBase – Do you have a farm employee who constantly shows up late for work? Here is a great app to help prevent that from happening! HomeBase, a popular employee time clock app, allows its users to schedule work shifts, keep track of timesheets and even helps monitor real-time labor costs for the day. It can even send reminders to your employees about upcoming shifts and notifies you if someone has not clocked in. 

Google Sheets Google Sheets- Staying organized on the farm can help prevent future headaches, but it is also easier said than done. Several farmers suggested using Google Sheets to help keep track of important information. Creating shareable spreadsheets to log calf vaccinations, dry cow due dates and farm equipment maintenance can now be at the tip of your fingers.

SpanishDict SpanishDict - If you are wanting to learn how to better communicate with some of your Spanish speaking employees, producers suggest SpanishDict. This translation app is a favorite amongst farmers because it provides the ability to decipher sentences, search for specific vocabulary and it even provides fun quizzes to help you speak fluently.

Wunderlist Wunderlist - Every farmer has 1 million items on their “to do” list, but keeping track of all of those chores can  sometimes be tricky. Our readers suggest using Wunderlist, a digital organizer that allows you to make customized lists and share them with others. Whether it be creating a list of parts to pick up at the store or generating a lineup of medications for your calf manager to order, this handy app can help you change those “do’s” to “done’s” 

Day One Day One – Are you constantly scribbling down notes on the side of your herd health sheet, but then lose those notes two days later? If so, maybe it’s time to download the Day One app. This farm friendly note taking app allows you to create individual note sheets that become searchable once they are saved. Can’t remember the last time the hoof trimmer visited the farm? Just search “hoofer trimmer” in your notes and the date pops right up!

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