6 Spooktacular Beef, Pork and Dairy Treats for Halloween

( Pexels )

Growing up, I was never really into putting on a costume for Halloween. Sure, I participated in the holiday and dressed up as a cow, a veterinarian and even Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but Halloween was never really my style. 

When it came time to picking out the snacks for the for the classroom parties at school, however, I was all in!

During the last few hours of the day, our elementary school would allow each classroom to have a small Halloween party where we would play spooky games, craft tissue paper ghosts and bring in our favorite snacks to share with the class. Most of my classmates’ moms would bring in cupcakes, cookies and candy, but I specifically remember asking my mother if she could bring in chocolate milk and string cheese.

Although the sugary sweets were nice in moderation, the refreshing taste of mozzarella and an ice-cold cup of milk always stood out in my memory. If you are looking to ramp up some of your Halloween snacks to hand out to trick-or-treaters, here are six spooktacular beef, pork and dairy related treats!

1.) Milk 

A personal favorite, handing out small pints of milk is a great way to add a little variety to Halloween baskets. Whether you give out white, chocolate or even orange-creamsicle flavors, kids are sure to enjoy this refreshing beverage!

2.) String Cheese

Want to add a spooky twist to a classic snack? Take a black marker and draw “ghost” faces on mozzarella string cheese!

3.) Squeezable Yogurt

Tangy, yet sweet, trick-or-treaters will love the portability of squeezable yogurt!

4.) Beef Jerky/Beef Sticks

Chock-full of protein, beef jerky or beef sticks are a fun way to add a few savory flavors to a child’s candy basket. 

5.) Bacon Candy

Two words children love: Bacon and candy. Surprisingly, this salty sweet combination is easy to find in grocery stores today and offers up a unique twist on the typical chocolate bar.

6.) Protein Packs

Usually stuffed full of cubed ham, cheese and almonds, protein packs are an excellent healthy option to keep on hand for all of the little princesses and monsters to eat.

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