AgriTalk ATB: Cooler Temperatures Are Coming

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“This is one of the toughest forecast periods I’ve had in my carreer,” said Michael Clark, meterorologist with His partner and follow meteorologist Kirk Hinz says on the toughness scale, “I’d give it an 8.5 or a 9.”

Both Clark and Hinz talked with AgriTalk After the Bell host Chip Flory on Wednesday’s ATB. The duo expects a hot temps to continue into the weekend with nearly daily chances for rain to develop on the northern edge of a high pressure ridge in the middle of the country. After that, a break from the heat is expected early next week with more rain on the leading edge of the cold front. But after that, the outlook is more difficult.

Clark said he expects heat to return to the Midwest in late July and to last into early August. Another break is expected near mid-August with a return of more heat in the second half of the month. Asked what the odds are for above-normal temperatures in the Midwest from now to the end of August, Clark said 60%, but warned the odds of above-normal nighttime temperatures is “much higher.”