AgriTalk: Three Dairy Amendments to Watch in Farm Bill Debate

As the farm bill moves to the House floor as soon as this week, there are three, key dairy-related amendments to watch, according to Dairy Herd Management Editor Emeritus Jim Dickrell.

The first would drop the Margin Protection Program’s (MPP) catastrophic level from $5/cwt to $4/cwt margin protection.

The second proposal would allow the sale of flavored whole milk in schools during the school day. Currently this is restricted under USDA's school nutrition guidelines.

The third proposal would prohibit the federal government from constraining the interstate trade of unpasteurized milk and dairy products. 

Click on the player below to hear analysis from Dairy Herd Management's Jim Dickrell on AgriTalk Radio.

Additional information on possible Farm Bill changes that could impact dairy can be found in the following story from Farm Journal's MILK:

Three House Farm Bill Amendments To Watch



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