Alltech ONE 2019: Innovation and Global Marketplace a Focus for Dairy

Technology, genomics, direct marketing to consumers and emerging international markets are all having an impact on global dairy picture. During the Alltech ONE Conference in Lexington, Kentucky on May 21, attendees listened in on a variety of topics impacting dairy producers from across the globe.

The session was covered by Dairy Herd Management’s Twitter account with some live tweets. Here is a breakdown on what we heard:

Global Milk Dynamics: From Demand to Delivery

The milk market globally has seen its ups and downs recently. The state of the international dairy outlook was outlined by Torsten Hemme, CEO and founder of IFCN Dairy Research Network.


Get Tech Savvy on Your Dairy

There are lots of different technologies available to dairy farmers that are helping generate more data and introduce efficiencies to farms. Jeffrey Bewley who serves as the dairy housing and analytics specialist for Alltech shares his thoughts on where technology has the potential to help producers.


Cream of the Crop: Genomic Selection

David Thorbahn, president and CEO, Select Sires, Inc., shares how genomics have helped improve dairy genetics.


Dairy Farm of the Future: Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Wisconsin dairy farmer Charlie Crave outlined how he and his family developed there dairy to include a cheese processing plan, manure composting and biodigester to move the farm business forward.


Milk at Your Doorstep

Consumers in India have had access to milk through a subscription service called Pride of Cows. Clients include Bollywood actors and milk is shipped to more than 45,000 homes. Akshali Shah, senior vice president of strategy for Parag Milk Foods Ltd shares how the home delivery service works.


Crave Brothers Farm and Pride of Cows aren’t the only folks getting in on directly marketing to consumers. Attendees of the dairy session were treated with Thunder CoffeeMilk, an Australian-style coffee milk drink that is made by a Florida dairy farm.