Another raw milk recall for The Family Cow

Pennsylvania officials are warning consumers to discard raw milk purchased from The Family Cow in Chambersburg, Pa., after laboratory tests and recent illnesses indicated possible Campylobacter bacteria in the unpasteurized milk.

According to a release from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, officials collected and tested samples of raw milk in late July after receiving a consumer complaint.

The raw milk tested positive for Campylobacter. And, two cases of Campylobacter infection were confirmed in people who consumed raw milk from the farm. 

Read the full release here.

This marks the second recall at The Family Cow in the last several months.

The dairy also made news in January 2012 after raw milk sickened nearly 150 people across four states. A new study looked at the 2012 outbreak and concluded that "consumers can never be assured that certified unpasteurized milk is pathogen-free, even when from a seemingly well-functioning dairy."

See, "Lessons from the Family Cow: Raw milk always a risk."



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