Approximately 800 Animals Perish in Canadian Barn Fire

Wildfire ( MGN Image )

Destroying four connecting freestall barns, a massive barn fire broke loose early Monday morning at Pennwood Dairy, located in Manitoba, Canada. While the cause of the fire remains unknown, it is estimated that nearly 800 animals from the 1,000-cow dairy have died. 

Sixty firefighters from six separate fire crews arrived at the scene to help extinguish the flames. 

“There was probably about 1,000 animals in the barn at the time, and they were able to get 200 out,” Steinbach’s fire Chief Kelvin Toews said in a BioReports interview. “We’ve had barn fires where we’ve lost one or two barns, but this is quite a sizeable loss.”

As one of the largest dairy farms in Manitoba, Pennwood Dairy was responsible for 2.6% of the province’s milk supply, according to a Steinback Online interview with Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Chair, David Wiens.

While local Canadian residents will see no change in milk prices, Wiens says the farms from Saskatchewan and Ontario will need to shuffle around their resources in the coming months to continue meeting the market demand, the article reports. 

According to The Canadian Press,the fire came as Pennwood Dairy was preparing to expand its herd to about 1,700 cattle.