Arkansas Firms Picks Up Ag Plastic from More than 4,000 Farms in Midwest

Revolution Plastics, an Arkansas-based company,  is now collecting plastic from bales, silo bags and bunker coverings from more than 4,000 Minnesota and Wisconsin farms, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune

The project started on a trial basis three years ago, and has now grown to more than 1,100 farms in Minnesota and more than 3,300 farms in Wisconsin. Another 3,000 farms in the two states have signed up and are waiting for recycling dumpsters.

Revolution Plastics has created a regular pick-up schedule, ranging from weekly to every several weeks, depending on farm size. The service solves a major problem for disposing of the plastic.

A 100-cow dairy, Golden Meadows Dairy of Northfield, Minn., was spending $1,700 a year to landfill the used plastic. Now, Revolution Plastics picks up the discarded material for free. It is recycled into trash can liners and other products.