A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Milk Supply Safety

110318-Dairy Feature
Milk is sampled before it hits grocery store shelves. ( Betsy Jibben )

Many people wonder if there are antibiotics in their food. Two dairy groups are trying to promote the sensible use of antibiotics while they make sure residues stay out of the milk supply. That’s one reason the National Milk Producers Federation with support from Dairy Management Incorporated created the FARM Animal Care Program standards.

One pillar helps producers and their vets make decisions on determining a ‘judicious use’ of antibiotics such as when and if a cow needs it.

Betsy Jibben has a look at that nation-wide program within the dairy industry that’s helping to keep you safe. She travels to Kewaunee, Wisconsin and talks with J.J. Pagel, with Pagels Ponderosa Dairy; Jamie Witcpalek with Pagels Ponderosa Dairy; Chris Szydel, herd manager with Pagels Ponderosa Dairy; Brandon Treichler, a consulting veterinarian with the dairy and Jamie Jonker, vice president of sustainability and scientific affairs with the NMPF.