Best of Blogs

Bob Utterback
Make it a point to read Bob's insightful comments in the "Outlook Today” blog. He uses his more than 26 years of market experience to provide helpful tips and insight for farmers.

Leigh Rubin
Our cartoonist Leigh Rubin is a professional at making people of all ages laugh. Go to his popular blog, "Rubes Cartoons—Tales from a Twisted Mind,” for funny puns and cartoons.

Linda Smith
In her blog, "Marketing Basics,” Linda tackles questions about how markets work and how to use various sales strategies and crop insurance in today's volatile commodities environment.

Dan Anderson
Dan, a professional machinery mechanic and writer, uses his "In the Shop” blog to provide practical tips on how to fix equipment, buy tools and tackle new equipment technology.

Justin Kelly
Justin, president and principal of EHedger, uses his hands-on experience in farming and futures trading to help producers implement solid risk management strategies in his "EHedger Report” blog.