Calibrate Technologies

The Calibrate consistent nutrition technology is a proprietary industry-leading service for delivering insights and recommendations to producers and nutritionists, allowing more control over dairy herd rations and optimizing animal performance.  After more than ten years of research and development – and now commercial farm ration testing – Calibrate technology rumen digestible starch test was developed based on the analysis of over 10,000 in-vitro rumen digestible starch test samples.

In addition to providing analysis of ruminal starch digestibility Calibrate gives producers a tool, the online calculator, to help them accurately and efficiently balance the ration. No other test does this.

The Calibrate starch test, when combined with their proprietary online nutritional calculator, provides the producer:

  • More consistent herd performance
  • Improved ration cost-effectiveness
  • Stronger insights in managing feed inventories.

Calibrate"s rapid NIR starch tests provides dairy producers and their nutritionists more insight to help achieve a higher standard for nutrition consistency. A Calibrate laboratory NIR analysis provides an assessment of rumen starch digestibility – to more precisely calculate ration needs. The most common sources of starch in dairy cattle rations are corn silage, cereal grains and grain by-products. Testing allows nutritionists and producers the ability to make more accurate starch adjustments when balancing the feed ration to more efficiently use grain and forages.


Go to: or ask your nutritionist or authorized Calibrate representative for more information.

Calibrate Technologies



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