Can You Guess What 10 States Have The Greatest Number of Farms?

Farm Journal examines what the 2017 Census of Agriculture data can tell us about farms, farming and farmers. ( Lindsey Benne )

The U.S. Census of Agriculture showed that farm sizes are growing, while the overall number of farms diminished by 3.2%. In total, there are 2,042,220 farms in the U.S. This accounts for 900,217,576 acres of land.

Of the farmland in the U.S. 30% is dedicated to oilseeds and grains, or 16% of all U.S. farms. Cattle and dairy use 44% of farmland and account for about 34% of all farms. Fruits, vegetable and nursery crops are only 9% of farms and use just 3% of farmland.

While farms are decreasing, and land dedicated to farming, states are still jockeying for the title of No. 1 farm state. One winner stood out by a landslide, with places two through 10 coming in a little closer to their respective leader. Can you guess the winner?

#10 Minnesota

With 68,822 farms, this northern state rounds out the bottom of the top ten list.

#9 Tennessee

The Volunteer State boasts 69,983 farms.

#8 California

While it might be surprising to see California so low on the list, remember the farm sizes are large. California houses 70,651 farms.

#7 Illinois

The state often is the No. 1 corn growing state, or at the least No. 2, however with only 72,651 farms it ranks seventh in the nation by this metric.

#6 Kentucky

Kentucky does more than just race fast horses, it hosts 75,966 farms, too!

#5 Ohio

The Buckeye State has 77,805 farms of varying disciplines. 

#4 Oklahoma

Cowboys, wheat and 78,531 farms call this western state home.

#3 Iowa

The Hawkeye State, home to pigs, corn and, of course, farmers! With 86,104, Iowa joins the top three states with the greatest number of farms.

#2 Missouri

In Missouri, the Show-Me-State, you have to prove it before the citizens will believe it. With 95,320 farms, it shows the state ranks high, but still falls behind the No. 1 spot.

#1 Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of farms. With 248,416 farms, it more than doubles the second place state, thus safely securing its No. 1 rank for the foreseeable future.

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