Canadian Concert Attendee Swims in Manure Pit After Turning Cows Loose

A concert goer in Canada decided to take the dance party to a dairy where he talked with cows and swam in a manure pit. ( Electric Love Music Festival )

A fan of electronic dance music in Canada had some fun after leaving a four day music festival to visit a nearby dairy farm where he took a dive in a manure lagoon and turned cattle loose.

There are a number of dairies located near Agassiz, British Columbia, a town that hosts the Electric Love Music Festival, a four day concert series dedicated to electronic dance music. A concert goer who apparently had their fill of dancing on the second day of the festival visited Suplesse Farms unannounced.

The Flukiger family has farmed in the area for nearly 30 years and have approximately 150 cows on their farm located roughly 75 miles east of Vancouver. Georgia and Martin Flukiger were just settling down for the evening on Friday, July 27, to enjoy some beers and grilling. While relaxing outside and listening to the nearby concert Georgia’s father came over and noticed some cattle were running loose.

“We were all just dumbstruck. We had just been in the barn, there was no reason any of them could have been out,” Georgia tells the Agassiz-Harrison Observer.

The family quickly went out and gathered 23 heifers that were running free on the farm. Then Georgia spotted a sun burnt man wearing only shorts and talking to a cow.

Georgia left her father to speak with the concert goer while taking care of the cattle. Soon the festival attendee jumped in a manure pit on Suplesse Farms. Fortunately he was able to get himself out of the pit and went into a nearby field to dry off with his shoes above his head.

“A manure pit is a very unforgiving place. If he had gone into the deep end, he wouldn’t have come back up,” Georgia says.

The man was eventually hosed down and taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police without any further incidents. The Flukiger’s believe the man was either high on drugs or drunk.

“We were a bit spooked, we checked the barn several times that night,” Georgia says. “We’re very thankful [the cows] weren’t hurt, we weren’t hurt and [the man] was okay.”

After everything was taken care of the Flukiger’s had a good laugh about the whole situation.

Going forward the Flukiger family hopes to see the festival add some fencing around the fields where the event is held near the Cheam Fishing Village along the Fraser River.

View the location of the concert at the Cheam Fishing Village in the map below: