Cargill clarifies non-dairy cheese product

Cargill recently released an ingredient, Lygomme ACH Optimum, that offers food manufacturers a non-dairy cheese alternative for people with lactose intolerance and an opportunity for vegans to enjoy a product that has the characteristics and taste of cheese, but without any animal-derived ingredients. Because of concerns raised by some in the dairy industry, Cargill has released the following statement:

"Cargill"s recent launch of an ingredient for use in making non-dairy cheese has raised concerns by some in the U.S. dairy industry that it will hurt dairy producers. We want to clarify and further explain that the product, Lygomme™ ACH Optimum, functions as a casein replacement for non-dairy cheese applications. It meets a specific nutritional need for those who have dairy allergies, and helps food manufacturers address challenges within the current casein supply chain, which in the U.S. is imported. Lygomme ACH Optimum is one of a wide array of food innovations developed by Cargill to meet specific customer needs.

"Cargill remains committed to the dairy industry and has a significant stake in its success," says Joe Stone, president of Cargill Animal Nutrition.  "These efforts range from introducing cholesterol-reducing plant sterols into dairy products to enhance their marketability, to helping specialty cheese makers increase cheese productivity through specialized culture systems, to helping dairy producers enhance their dairy animals" productivity through a patented nutrition management system.  As a longstanding and active member in number of dairy councils nationally and internationally, we are committed to the success of the dairy industry and continue to closely collaborate with our dairy partners to help advance their growth and success."

Source: Cargill Animal Nutrition



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