Cargill’s Reveal® – a new real-time forage analysis service

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Dairy Herd Management’s Pam Fretwell met with Mike Messman, strategic technology lead, Cargill US Dairy Business and Justin Howes, strategic marketing lead, Cargill US Dairy Business. They discussed Cargill’s new product, Reveal® – a new real-time forage analysis service that is revolutionizing the way dairy operations manage dry matter variation, and helping them deliver a more consistent diet to their animals.

Reveal® utilizes SCiO, the world’s first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer (NIR) device to scan samples and then compare them against the Cargill Elk River Forage Lab in the cloud, making it the most cost-effective, convenient and precise way to manage dry matter variation in forages.

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Submitted by bernard on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 08:22

I bought a scio to see how communication could mask science logic
of course it is impossible with an wave length from 750 to 1050 to measure proteins etc and even more on things which are so diverse as hay corn etc
it is just not working
yielding results but wrong results
this scio can't of course measure maturity of fruits , I desperatly tried to find a utility but couldn't find one
this company is very successful in communication , that's all