Conventional Parlors Keep Evolving

Equipment companies continue to enhance milking technology.
( Mike Opperman )

Even though robotic milking continues to grow in sales and popularity, still more than 90% of cows in the U.S. are milked in conventional milking systems, and those technologies continue to evolve. Here are a few notable advancements made by milking equipment companies this year:


The DairyRotor T8800 is new to the GEA offering. The heavy-duty parlor has a lower-profile cabinet and smooth, rounded stall corners to allow for faster and smoother cow flow on and off the platform. Producers can choose from angled or non-angled stall designs, drop-down or non-drop-down hose support arms, and a standard or v-shaped entrance style, among many other choices.

The T8800 is available in sizes up to 120 stalls, making it one of the largest rotaries on the market. The parlor turns via a roller system that comes with a five-year warranty.



During milking it’s important to know immediately when an issue arises. The Pulse MD from Boumatic sends alerts via a mobile device or computer if there is an issue with a stall’s milking system. An error code identifies the issue.

“Most farms graph pulsators and service each unit monthly, at most,” says Aaron Oughton, training manager with Boumatic. “If a pulsator or hose becomes defective two days after service, for example, it will be at least 28 days before that unit gets inspected and serviced. Pulse MD offers immediate feedback when there is a mechanical issue.”



The Expresso and Presto upgrade detachers from AIC Waikato use conductivity for real-time milk sensing. This enables instant calculation of milk flow rates and outputs milk graphs as peak and average flow data. The detachers also identify equipment wear and tear. Real-time milk sensing also calculates end-of-milking flow for reduced strip times and less milking stress.

The sensor in the detachers incorporates critical temperature (CT) logic that monitors animal temperatures. Milk conductivity recognizes changes in milk quality or the animal’s immune system. Upgrades integrate into any parlor, adding a prep-timer, milk flow, temperature and conductivity and herd management information to any existing system.